#gloWIN2020 Empowerment includes the action of raising the status of women through education, raising awareness, personal spiritual growth, discipleship/mentoring and training.



The GLOW Network is comprised of Women from all walks of life. 

Our VISION: EmPower/to see Women unite for Kingdom agenda through 

the process of collaboration in unity, love, service, and worship.

Our PURPOSE: Engage/a call to greater service in unity. 

Our MISSION: Educate/“Therefore, go make disciples of all nations.” 

Matthew 28:19

We are looking forward to meeting with you “At The Table with Lady Cook!”

At The Table with Lady Cook is a

collaboration of Women coming together to Empower, Educate, Elevate, and Engage you into pursuing your God-given destiny by living through purpose, potential, and passion. 

We will present video recordings of table talk which will benefit the needs presented to us, as well as continue our educational forums which provides teaching practical biblical principles in the right now moments of life. 

Lady Cook and the Glow Ministry Team carries the mantel of the Glory of God. The GLOW-God Lights Our Way encompasses the vision of empowering women, disciplining the body of Christ, and building healthy families. 

The Glow Ministry is about building the Kingdom of God through a powerful network which consists of teaching, counseling and pouring into the lives of faith-believing Christians through conferences, seminars and educational forums. 

Lady Luella Cook

She has a deep passion to see women defined not by their circumstances but by who they were created to be. Compelled by her passion for God’s Word and discipleship in the local church she works hard at counseling and encouraging women, and developing curriculum to be used in the discipleship process.

She loves the team approach to ministry and encouraging and developing Women's Ministry leaders.